For details on our Kings of War GT, The Pilgrimage, click here.

We are a group of miniature gamers who enjoy both social and tournament gaming. We like getting together to enjoy our common interest with others who can help us improve in the different aspects of the hobby. We will support and assist each other in this aim.

We like to build our miniature gaming community by;

  • Giving demo games to people that would like to try games out.
  • Encouraging new players into the miniature gaming community, in person and online
  • We run 1 to 2 single day tournaments as well as one annual Grand Tournament (2 day) tournament a year.
  • Those members able and willing, travel to events together
  • We wear our Battle Pilgrims uniform with our first names on them during full day games days and tournaments to be approachable and recognizable.


We play primarily at the Battle Pilgrims battle bunker at 4000 S 26th street, Suite 100, Philadelphia, PA. From time-to-time members host games at their house. 


Battle bunker is open for weekly gaming most Mondays 4.00pm to 9.30pm. We have an all-day gaming session 1st Saturday of every month. See calendar in our Battle Pilgrims Facebook group.